Hey There!

I love to code -- I am capable of using both front-end and back-end technologies to build centralized, purposeful applications with a focus on the user experience. Alongside taking computer science classes in high school, I teach myself new programming languages frequently to expand my toolbox. When I have time, I'm either lurking Github or Devpost for inspirational app ideas, or working on my own side projects. Some of my other favorite hobbies are dancing and research!



  • An AI chatbot that can answer questions about USC
  • Collects information from across the internet using Python and Scrapy
  • Serves 1,000+ students and answers 2000+ queries daily
  • Congress Stalker

  • A web application that allows users to find their local representatives in government and other relevant information
  • Main technologies used were Node.js, SQL, and integration to Sunlight API for data
  • Duelr

  • Won a monetary prize sponsored by Plaid from PennApps
  • A web-based 3D sword fighting game using phone-computer connections
  • Built with Node.js and Socket.io
  • QuikCarts

  • Won second place at TigerHacks
  • A web application for tracking food trucks in the NYC area; serves both users and food truck organizations
  • Built with Node.js, Passport, and Bootstrap
  • TrinDebate

  • A web application to serve the Trinity Debate Team
  • Contains a secure user system and a collaborative editing framework
  • Built with Node.js, Passport, and Bootstrap
  • Signal

  • Uses Leap Motion, a sensory technology to evaluate hand shape (American Sign Language) and translates it to English letters
  • Built with front-end javascript and Leap Motion